• What is Wetland Delineation?   It is the process of determining the boundary between wetlands and uplands. The decision is based on the application of the principles set forth in the 1987 US Army Corps of Engineers(USACE) Wetland Manual. More recently,  regional supplements have been added for a one year comment period.
  • Under USACE guidelines, a site must have proof of Hydrophytic plant community, proof of Hydric soils , and proof of Hydrology. A positive finding for all three parameters is required for an area to be considered a wetland. If one or more parameters is lacking, the site is not a wetland. (some exceptions apply)
  • The US Army Corps of Engineers has the authority to determine whether or not an area is subject to wetland regulations(under their jurisdiction). In some situations, the USACE will submit their findings to the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) for concurrence. This process is called Wetland Determination. A Jurisdictional Determination will result in a written statement that the area is within their jurisdiction , or not. This written statement will not attempt to isolate or locate the wetlands, if present.
  • The USACE will provide a Jurisdictional Determination on a site upon receipt of a written request from the landowner. This process is free to the landowner.
  • A commercial enterprise that receives a JD (Jurisdictional Determination) will be referred to the USACE website for a list of approved contractors.
  • Generally, a Delineation must be undertaken on a site where Jurisdiction is assumed or known and potential exists for wetland impact. 
  • Once the status of jurisdiction(Determination) is known, the Wetland Delineation process begins.
  • The contractor collects data and submits it in written form to the client and to the USACE for verification.
  • The client has control of whether the report is submitted to the USACE for verification. However, SUBMISSION FOR VERIFICATION IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.The contractor's offering is called a Preliminary Wetland Delineation and is subject to review and possible modification by the USACE.
  • Andy R. Bouse, Wetland Consultant would be honored to have the opportunity to serve your wetland needs.
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